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Prudence Collins



 Welcome to the home of Prudence Collins, Textile Designer, and Prudy Cee, Handcrafted & Handwoven Jewellery.

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Weave & Lasered Acrylic Brooch


Prudy Cee

Prudy Cee creates unique and refreshing, handcrafted jewellery through combining traditional techniques, such as hand weaving, with modern processes, like laser cutting.


Prudence Collins

Prudence Collins is a British Woven Textile Designer & Artist who creates unique and captivating woven fabrics which are sumptuous and full of life.

Her bold use of colour & embellishment and her passion for experimentation sets her apart from other weavers and leads to the creation of dynamic fabrics which are appealing both visually and texturally.

Prudence currently works from her Midlands based studio on both a freelance and commissions basis and her passion for her work and her enthusiasm for new challenges means that she is always pushing herself and is prepared to take on new projects of any type or size.



Prudence Collins, Buffleberry, Birchy Close, Shirley Solihull, B90 1QL.

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